Industry 4.0, Robotics, & IIoT

Industry 4.0

Automize works with all aspects of Industry 4.0 and relevant ideas like Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), robotics, smart factory, digital transformation etc. Implementing these technologies have brought benefits for many companies by increasing the throughput and curtailing the number of faulty products.At the same time using these technologies reduce time-lag between factory floor operation and managerial decisions.The IIoT facilitates the coherent integration of many plants and various areas and stages of the production process, allows enormous saving of resources, and promises constant improvement of the bottom line.The possibility is endless



Industrial Robotics Automizehas multiple ABB certified expert robotics personnel in house! We are experienced in programming and commissioning ABB IRC5 controller using flex pendant and RAPID programming language in Robot Studio software. We can program your ABB robots fast and accurately. We use all cutting-edge highly effective features efficiently, to optimize the performance of the robots by reducing cycle times and providing precise path accuracy. Our purpose is to design, program and commission a safe, fulfilling all relevant international and local regulations; and a highly compatible architecture which works with other industrial automation and network systems. The built-in diagnostic functions with the robot controllers help to ensure fast recovery when it fails or get interrupted in the factory floor which restart production in quickest possible time. Using industry 4.0 methodology, all sensors, PLCs, SCADA and robots are integrated in the process so they can perform automated manufacturing tasks. Automize analyzes your robotic system requirements, come up with a organized plan for automation, and execute that plan in the plant floor. We help you to achieve full vertical digital integration all the way to the enterprise reporting tool from the robots working in the floor.

As a certified robotic systems integrator, we do

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Automize implemented IIoT solutions for multiple projects where data was stored in both local and cloud servers. We have implemented secured MQTT connection with different brokers e.g.,
Mosquito, Hive MQ, Node-RED over internet. Clients can use their corporate VPN network to connect the brokers or edge devices installed at sites far from each other. Secured M2M cellular modem can be set up to established connection to the brokers as well. Our dedicated programmers can provide customized solutions using Arduino and Raspberry Pi products and sensors

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing or Smart Factory is an application of Industry 4.0 concepts in manufacturing plants. This is combination of IIoT, data analytics and modern manufacturing strategies for decision making. Cutting-edge technologies are used in data acquisition, industrial network, and data analysis to optimize the manufacturing scene across the entire supply chain. At Automize, smart manufacturing is a holistic approach through a collection of advanced manufacturing technologies and processes resulting improved efficiency, risk reduction and reduced time to market through progressively agile in-depth decision making, fueled by our ability to integrate and utilize data at all levels of the enterprise.

Automize assists in transitioning enterprises toward Smart Manufacturing within the following areas of technical expertise in Industry 4.0

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

What is measured, can be improved!

Depending on the duration and frequency of downtime, business success can be seriously harmed in varying degrees. It can result in a lot of lost productivity as well as the bottom line of the plant. Only using a good real time OEE tracking software can help in increasing the ROI of the manufacturing industry.

Predictive Maintenance

This is a concept where processes are monitored to detect precursors to equipment behavior anomalies and evaluate their health status. Using this method, it is possible to train a model to predict the most economical time for maintenance and this makes it possible to optimize their performance. It also allows the implementation of conditional based and other kind of maintenance for the equipment.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a transformation of strategies to operate the businesses with the help of real-time data between the integrated layers as a connected ecosystem where we can see the current state and predict the future of operations. These data sources can be your factory
machines equipped with industry 3.0 functionality, or other 3rdparty software gathering data from other systems. Automize will analyze your inventory of the business and inherent intelligences, connect them via industrial network, integrate all data in a unified platform, create visualization, alarms, trends and program to ease decision making processes. Digital transformation houses all other derived key technologies related to data e.g., data warehousing, big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and edge computing. Besides cutting down on paper, it can bring all generations of technology together and provide real time data handling and visualization, dashboards, historians, trends, end-to-end solution for IIoT. A properly designed digital transformation path will be scalable, upgradable, modular, and protocol agnostic. With the real-time scanning of the production measurement, it offers faster anomaly detection, optimizing the process with better operational strategy, data transparency, and increased ROI. After securely gather sensor and machine data from all facilities and store them on the IIoT server, it can also securely forward this data to other industrial control systems or ERP level systems if required. The Intelligence unified IIoT platform transforms insight-rich big data from manufacturing and logistics systems into smart data to take efficient managerial decisions.

● Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

● Provide feedback on overall plant performance

● Streamline equipment management

● Smart and secure data collection and storage

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IT-OT convergence

IT-OT convergence is difficult to achieve sometimes but it’s worth it! A company can grow horizontally, vertically or both but traditional ways require huge amount of capital investment. But companies can leverage their existing assets and transform their operation without actually increasing their footprint as capital investment will be very less. With this futuristic vision of the owners, this convergence will bring significant reduction in equipment downtime, inventory holding cost, maintenance cost etc. and still using the existing in frastructure! Acompany with$10 million market cap can expand vertically with 15% investment which is $1.5m of CapEx. Now imagine 15% increase with the throughput because of IT-OT convergence led Industry 4.0 adoption at a fraction of the cost! Plus, savings with all reduced Op Ex for plant optimization. Now it sounds like a no-brainer, right? So, here at Automize, we aim to provide these solutions faster with simplicity, reliability, accuracy, repeatability and ease of maintenance.


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