Electrical Engineering

All industries need solid electrical design for most of their projects. Automize’s mission is to develop innovative electrical engineering solutions aimed at designing for future expansion and increasing efficiency without compromising the extended downtime. We optimize our design such a way that our clients don’t have to go for immediate upgrade when retrofitting small projects into the designed project. We do all aspects of electrical design work starting from small MCC to large substations and other associated system designs like heat tracing, cathodic protection, fugitive gas emission study etc.

Our synergistic knowledge in electrical systems, power systems studies and modern data integration experience enable us to offer tailored industry specific energy management system. Clients can track their usage, power qualities and carbon emissions industry wide, and take necessary actions to mitigate the impact on the environment, as well as the bottom line of the business.

Our power system study group worked in generation, transmission and distribution projects, for both conventional and renewable systems. The projects are spanned from new plants and substations to optimization study projects. Coupled with these experiences, we also have strong expertise on renewable energy system & microgrid planning and design. The designed plants are operational as both grid connected and off-grid.

Electrical Design

The technical division of Automize is a very versatile, diverse group of proven electrical engineering professionals who have the ability to oversee all the essential components involved in successful project management. We provide access to the state-of-the-art technology, combined with our years of on-site experience and expertise...

Renewable Systems Planning & Design

Our latest inclusion of renewable energy system & microgrid design engineering services brought Automize closer to becoming a fully integrated engineering company in the renewable energy domain. Now, we can provide a one-stop solution for renewable energy system analysis and design...

Power Systems Studies

Automize performs power system analysis for new interconnection projects for renewable (wind/solar) and conventional plants. We also study different aspects of power systems for existing power plants and transmission grid upgradation projects. We have been working on economic...

Energy Management Systems

Our solution for EMS (Energy Management Systems) provides open universal data connectivity and enterprise integration to a wide variety of BMS, SCADA, ERP, and control systems. They include built-in calculations, KPIs, analytics, data historian, reporting, and the rich visualization needed...

Industries We Serve

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