Electrical Design

Electrical Design

The technical division of Automize is a very versatile, diverse group of proven electrical engineering professionals who have the ability to oversee all the essential components involved in successful project management. We provide access to the state-of-the-art technology, combined with our years of on-site experience and expertise, we are able to implement practical, ongoing solutions to a variety of situations that prevent any potential problems in the future.

Count on the best performance of Automize that knows the market and offers the services of Electrical Design MCC design, UPS sizing, Panel design, lighting panels, heat trace, cable layout, grounding etc.

Electrical Design

These are the electrical engineering services Automize provides

Over the years of hard work and diligence, we have been able to establish good reputation for responsive, reliable and consistent quality control procedures, and an emphasis on the spirit of coordination and teamwork within project team. What makes us different is our commitment to deliver innovative solutions through sustainable and creative designs. Also, we are always motivated to explore and expand beyond our existing service areas.

List of projects we were involved with

UPS sizing and MCC design

Client Name: Confidential
Location: La Glace, Alberta, Canada.
Description: Electrical design and sizing of the UPS system for the pump station, wirings, MCC panel design, as-built electrical drawings

Metering skid design

Client Name: Confidential
Location: La Glace, Alberta, Canada.
Description: Electrical design, specification and procurement for a metering skid with Coriolis meter, Micromotion 2700 and OMNI600 flow computer, schematic drawings and cable schedule


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