Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems

Our SCADA based solution for EMS (Energy Management Systems)can turn the invisible into the visible! Starting from a small residential building to large industrial plants, energy is being used in all different forms. EMS provides open universal data connectivity and enterprise integration to a wide variety of BMS, SCADA, ERP, and control systems. Our energy experts pick the right energy meters for the purpose which could be capable of data logging, fault recording, power quality measurement, multi-tariff bill calculation and diagnostics.

The EMS connects all these smart energy meters, and also the IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Device), IPS, UPS, Generator, Battery Charger, Rectifier, Inverter, gas meters, water metersetc.Clientsget an overall snapshot of the energy usage in the establishment with EMS. They include built-in calculations, usage pattern monitoring, KPIs, alarms, diagnostics, analytics, data historian, reporting, and the elaborate visualization which are much required to take quick decision and manage energy consumption. EMS allows your field operators to focus on high value improvement tasks rather than spending time running between substations performing routine tasks.

Energy Management Systems
Energy Management Systems

Key features of EMS

Key benefits of EMS

Energy Management Systems

EMS for carbon reduction

EMS logs data from different energy consumption points including electricity, gas, water, steam etc. and can derive associated standard costs and carbon emission. In most countries energy policies have been modified to set target for reduced green house gases by managing the amount and type of energy we use.
National or global energy policy, energy compliances or ratings like LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications are encouraging to use EMS to efficiently manage the energy consumption and win higher scores. There is a growing interest and demand for sustainable design worldwide and EMS is playing a major role in that big picture. With EMS, we can monitor and manage usage; and take actions for carbon reductions which results positive environmental impact and reduced bills for energy usage and carbon taxes

Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS)

Our automation engineers understand the need for effective use of equipment and solutions from different manufacturer to provide engineered monitoring and control systems for small to medium scale systems.

Automize offers SCADA based power system automation which includes

Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) consists of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) with Distribution Management System (DMS) which has traditionally played a vital role by providing utilities with valuable knowledge and capabilities that are key to a primary business function -delivering power in a reliable and safe manner. A quality SCADA solution is central to effective operation of a utility’s most critical and costly distribution, transmission, and generation assets. Automize can modify, upgrade or retrofit your existing SCADA systems. Modern SCADA systems are already contributing and playing a vital role at many utilities today.

Energy Management Systems

With an intelligently designed SCADA system our client can accomplish these

List of projects we were involved with

Energy management system for a pharmaceutical company

Client Name: Reputed biopharma company
Location: Narayanganj, Bangladesh
Description: Designing the communication network for multi tariff smart power quality meters and programmed different energy management schemes on a SCADA based EMS system.


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