Process Engineering

Our latest inclusion of process engineering services brought Automize closer to becoming a fully integrated engineering company. We can now be your one stop solution provider for process design and associated services. Our process engineers have worked on projects worth over 10B dollars cumulatively from around the world.

In a multi-disciplinary project, process team layout the solution of a problem or design the system per stakeholder need. That means cost savings and value improvements in plant design starts with them. Our in-house experts served in Oil & Gas, Heavy Crude Processing, Chemicals Manufacturing, Pipeline Operation, Fractionation, SAGD, Polymer Plant, Water Treatment, and Rare Earth Mineral Facility. Such a diverse background can only position Automize as your best choice for value improvement and process plant design.

Our process engineers get involved at all project stages, from conceptual studies through DBM, FEED, and detailed engineering. We worked on large-scale brownfield and greenfield processing facilities and small maintenance projects too.

How do we do it better? We listen! We find a specific fit for purpose solution for our customer. Our process engineers have extensive academic background in thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, fluid mechanics, unit operation, mass & heat transfer, and process simulation. They have worked in top 5 of the fortune 500 engineering design companies in North America bringing in decades worth of hands-on experience. That’s why when we work on a solution at conceptual stage, we can foresee future issues which may arise during construction and commissioning. Have you done a simulation model of your plant for energy optimization? Our process engineers can build models in HYSYS/VMG/ProMax and work on increasing energy efficiency of your plant. How about flow dynamics throughout your plant? Are your line sizes bottlenecking your process? Have you performed any proper hydraulics model of your entire plant? Our experience shows 200% – 300% overdesign hydraulically, because most of the time it’s just being done using thumb rules. A proper hydraulic model can give you > 10% savings in TIC. What about your PSVs? Did you consider all the cases and not just the fire and blocked outlet scenarios? Are you thinking about specific features of an equipment/unit design? Our process engineer has guided CFD engineers to design systems that are unique to the customer. Because after all, Process engineers are the solution provider of a chemical system. Now, how can we be at your service?


Common process engineering services include:


We have process engineers specialized in SAGD, Liquids Fractionation, Polymer, Crude Processing facilities, Water Treatment, and Utility System design. We can develop project-specific process design basis and criteria.


We work with you to develop the conceptual and feasibility stage studies laying the groundwork for DBM and FEED.


We will develop the process simulation model using Simulation tools (Aspen HYSYS, VMG, AFT Fathom, and ProMax). Our process engineers can develop and stamp key design documents such as Material Balance, PFD’s, P&ID’s and Shutdown Keys, Alarm Set Point, Design Pressure & Design Temperature (DPDT), Line Designation Table (LDT), hydraulics calculations/line sizing for process piping, multiphase flow and compressible flows.

Preliminary Design & Economic Evaluation:

Pressure vessel, phase separator, tank, fractionation tower

Pump, compressor, blower

Boiler and steam generator

Heat exchanger (air cooled, S&T) rating

Conduct P&ID / HAZOP reviews; generate control narratives; control valve sizing; prepare start-up / operating manual

Relief system design including PSV sizing, Flare Model Development, and Flare Stack sizing

Technical support to field personnel for start-up

Troubleshooting and debottlenecking existing plant

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