Who We Are

Automize Engineering & Consulting Corp. is an expert engineering consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The firm has provided services to a wide range of customers across Canada, USA and Bangladesh. AUTOMIZE has delivered consultancy in electrical engineering, automation, power systems engineering and CAD drafting for oil and gas producers and pipelines, mining sites, mineral process plants, power plants, manufacturers, utility authorities, network specialists, telecommunication operators, builders, architects and other consultants.

As a leading electrical, automation and power system engineering firm, our mission is to deliver an outstanding suite of engineering services worldwide. Our design work and project management skills are backed by our unparalleled technical advice and customer support.


Our experienced professional engineers have consulted on a diverse range of engineering design and commissioning projects in diversified industries. We are proud to count several small local start-ups, giant international corporations and high-end consulting firms among our valued client portfolio.

Delivering specialist expertise, precise technical advice, innovative design solutions and excellent customer service to every client is what we do best. AUTOMIZE offers design, management, project coordination and engineering plans for a wide range of services including industrial and residential electrical design, PLC and DCS programming, HMI development, industrial networking, SCADA, power system studies, switchgear maintenance servicing, safety systems etc.

We believe that the client comes first. We take the time to get to know you and your business, and are with you every step of the way to see your project from inception to completion. We strive to apply our industry knowledge and technical expertise in such a way that we become integral to your team and an indispensable partner in your project’s success. We thrive on building new relationships and strengthening existing ones, working to provide a smooth flow from the design stage through to your project’s successful completion.


Our History

Automize Engineering & Consulting Corp. was formed in 2014. Since then we are keeping our reputation high in electrical engineering, automation, power system engineering and engineering drafting services.

Over the year our engineering division invested heavily in building up its competencies, facilities and equipment in order to handle the most modern engineering and automation technology. This enabled us to develop new ideas faster then the other engineering companies.

In 2015, the engineering and drafting division in Bangladesh was formed into a wholly-owned branch of AUTOMIZE Canada. The Company gained greater autonomy to pursue new business opportunities from around the world. This encouraged a sharper focus on productivity, efficiency, quality and more value-added services for customers.

From 2015 to 2017, AUTOMIZE designed and commissioned control system and industrial network for massive numbers of petroleum sites all over western Canada. At the same time, we were heavily engaged in power system studies for conventional and renewable (wind and solar) power plants, transmission & distribution systems, power system reliability etc. in Alberta, Canada. Since then, our business has grown rapidly. In the year 2017, the company marked another milestone in its history when it started providing services in the mining and mineral processing industry.


Pushing beyond the limits

If we can think it, we can achieve it. Since our establishment we have been pushing beyond our limits to see how far we can go and how much more we can offer our customers.

Born to lead

Some prefer to follow. At AUTOMIZE, we prefer to lead – in terms of client-focused engineering solutions as well as capabilities and knowledge in technological innovation. We aspire to bring you an economic solution that can add value to your business in more ways than one.

Seeing the light

As one of the leading electrical engineering and automation companies in Canada today, we pride ourselves on who we are – a dynamic company who will boldly delve into new challenges in search of brighter solutions for our clients.


Our Mission

To run the extra mile in delivering A to Z engineering services to our clients and offer extraordinary values in their businesses.

Our Vision

To build a better world by providing sustainable engineering solutions to all and build long term relationship with trust and commitment.

Our Values

Automize’s values are built on these five ‘A’s

  • ACUMEN: We are quick to understand our client’s need
  • AUTHENTICITY: We show who we are and what we are capable of doing
  • ADAPTIBILITY: We can adapt to all the challenges and disruption in doing projects
  • ACTION: We believe in taking actions and taking it fast
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We take responsibility of our work