AUTOMIZE is an integrator of various automation systems for industrial facilities producing specialized and quality solutions with the greatest productivity. We perform a critical job for our clients by ensuring integrity between all the features of install devices and the operations center to allow plant control in an agile way. We deal with a wide variety of up-to-date technologies, models and brands to deliver the best solutions that are specific to each client.

In today’s era of increasingly digitized industry, the role of the automation system integrator has gained a tremendous momentum. We integrators transforming the existing man-operated industries into more safe, secure, efficient, profitable and flawless. We exploit the full potential of resources in equipment and systems to achieve the greatest ROI for our clients.

With the diversified experience in automation systems integrations, AUTOMIZE can offer a fully specialized control systems and SCADA solution for all industries e.g. oil & gas, manufacturing, mining, packaging, power plants. Our professionals are able to deliver the best hardware, software and network solutions for the control systems to operate from local and remote control centre. The systemic vision of our automation experts add value in each and every stages of an automation project whereas the project is a greenfield or brownfield site, upgrading or retrofitting equipment, change of control philosophy, PLC upgradation, communication network upgradation etc.

These are the industrial automation services AUTOMIZE provides: