AUTOMIZE provides unique industrial, commercial and residential fire safety system design. Our consultants have diversified set of skills, including experience in fire detection and protection system designing and addressing every aspect of the fire protection and safety. Our team gauges and helps in indicating compliance with both probabilistic and deterministic fire protection regulations.

Our engineers and consultants in AUTOMIZE have profound understanding of the traditional deterministic tools for performing a safe shutdown and as a thorough understanding of performance-based risk analysis tools to analyze latent core damage.

AUTOMIZE provides comprehensive fire protection planning and regulatory compliance to all industries. The combination of years of experience and state-of-the-art technology allows AUTOMIZE to perform a comprehensive analysis, design and develop a thorough action plan for all of our clients.

As part of the fire system design services offered by AUTOMIZE, our fire protection engineers and consultants perform a complete fire safety analysis. In this analysis we cover fire detection, mitigation, suppression, containment and prevention of fires in the industry. We create thorough fire protection plans for our clients, including reminding and assisting them on maintenance of the water- and gaseous-based suppression system. Through each step of the Fire Safety Design and commissioning process, AUTOMIZE works with the client, operations, electrical and instrumentation team.

These are the fire safety design services AUTOMIZE provides: