AUTOMIZE have profound experience in modern CAD drafting technology to produce superior quality engineering drawings. Get your project done with our flexible CAD drafting services which are custom tailored to the specific timeline and requirements of your project. We are open to take both short-term quick work and long-term steady contracts. Experienced engineers work with skillful and detail oriented drafters and modellers to get the product clients want.

We provide services in multidisciplinary industries. Our services include design, drawing, drafting and 3D modeling of electrical, mechanical, structural, civil and architectural projects. The industries we serve are:

Our primary and key CAD professionals are based on Calgary, Alberta, Canada and assisting team is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In person meetings, webinars or conference calls can easily be done to get directions for the projects to understand the scope or complexity of the job. Our expert CAD professionals are available to get their hands on any project from small to mid-size or straight forward to highly complex. We have the top-notch software package and knowledge on technology, recent standards, codes, and requirements.

These are the engineering drafting services AUTOMIZE provides: